Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Cigna Insurance Companies in Europe

The European registered office is in Brussels where Cigna Life Insurance Company of Europe S.A.-N.V. and Cigna Europe Insurance Company S.A.-N.V. are based. Both companies are submitted to the Belgian prudential control conducted by the National Bank of Belgium and the Financial Services and Markets Authority.

Cigna Life Insurance Company of Europe S.A.-N.V. and Cigna Europe Insurance Company S.A.-N.V. are the unique risk carriers for Cigna's various business lines across Europe which reflects the integrated and streamlined nature of Cigna's operations. They are controlled and managed by the following bodies:

  • Board of Directors
  • Board Risk Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Comité de Direction

Board of Directors:

  • Tim Buckley,  Vice President Treasury Cigna Corporation. Tim became Cigna's Treasurer in January 2011. Prior to that he was Cigna International's Chief Financial Officer since November 2006, in which he had executive responsibility for the financial strategy and management of Cigna's international operations.

  • David Scheibe, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Corporate Finance at Cigna, David was named to that position in November 2012. In this position, he is responsible for the structure and financing of Cigna's international businesses and the management of the Cigna's external financing including debt capital markets.

  • David Gerges, David was appointed as an Independent Director of Cigna Life Insurance Company and Cigna Europe Insurance Company in 2015. He is Chairman of the Audit Committee for both companies. David is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and worked in the insurance industry for thirty years. Prior to retirement from Cigna in 2004 he was President of Cigna Reinsurance and Treasurer of Cigna Corporation. Previous responsibilities with Cigna include Chief Financial Officer of Cigna’s Retirement and Investment Services business and Chief Financial Officer of Cigna Reinsurance, which had an international business presence.

  • Serge Wibaut, Professor of Finance. Serge was appointed as an Independent Director of Cigna Life Insurance Company and Cigna Europe Insurance Company in 2013 and chairs the Risk Committee of both these companies. Having started his career as a professor in economics in several universities he was appointed in 1996 as financial advisor to the Belgian Minister of Finance. He joined AXA in 2000 where he became CEO of the bank before being appointed as chief investment officer for Northern and Central Europe. He left Axa in 2008 and acts now as an independent executive on the Boards of Directors of several financial institutions.

  • Kenneth Hamm, Actuarial Senior Director. Ken has been Chief Actuary for Cigna's Global Individual business and Head of Cigna's Global Risk Management since 2012. His responsibilities include providing support and oversight to Cigna's local actuarial teams, and overseeing risk management and reinsurance for all of Cigna's non-U.S. businesses. Ken's previous Cigna roles include being Chief Actuary for the Group Life, Accident, and Disability business, and Chief Actuary, Domestic Reserving & Risk Management.

  • Kapil Dhir, Chief European Counsel. In his role, Kapil has responsibility for compliance as a control function as well as for regulation, legal and corporate governance for the European companies.
  • Sébastien Haslé, Chief Finance Officer. Sébastien is responsible for leading the finance function in delivering financial reporting requirements and ensuring there is a robust financial control environment. In addition, he is responsible for underwriting, actuarial, budgeting and planning, treasury and tax compliance.

  • Bert Reynders, Chief Risk Officer. Bert is responsible for Enterprise Risk Management of Cigna in Europe. He leads the application of Solvency II regulation as well as the financial rating and capital planning processes. In addition, Bert is responsible for the oversight of the non-EEA branches.

  • Arjan Toor, CEO Cigna Europe. In this capacity, Arjan leads all of Cigna’s business lines in Europe, as well as the global business lines that serve IGOs, NGOs and globally mobile individuals. He joined Cigna in 2011, and held a number of leadership roles in Asia and Europe prior to his appointment as CEO.


Comité de Direction (CdD):

  • Arjan Toor, CEO Cigna Europe

  • Kapil Dhir, General European Counsel 
  • Sébastien Haslé, Chief Finance Officer

  • Bert Reynders, Chief Risk Officer


External mandates for the Board of Directors and the Heads of Independent Control Functions:

  • David Scheibe, Non-executive Director: Trustee of the West Jersey Chamber Music Society (Association for promotion of classic music in New Jersey), USA.

  • Serge Wibaut, Independent Non-executive Director: Independent Non-Executive Director of the Board of Directors forof Reacfin (Services company for actuarial and financial techniques, methodologies, strategies and Risk Management Frameworks), Belgium, of Eurinvest Partners (Investment management) ,Belgium, of Alpha Insurance (Multi-branches insurance company, predominantly life) ,Belgium, of Aedifica (Healthcare real estate investment), Belgium and of Securex (Social Administration and Human Resources Management), Belgium.

  • The other concerned persons have no mandates outside of the Cigna group.