We know that when you visit us at, you depend on us to be diligent about protecting your privacy on-line. We also know that you rely on us to provide products and services that meet each of your needs. To do both, we need to gather - and protect - certain information about you.

What kind of information does collect?

We've designed our Web site to capture information through automatic tracking. This allows us to see which topics interest you most. Automatic tracking information is gathered by following your "footsteps" through The route you - and other visitors - choose tells us a little something about the people who visit our site. We use aggregate numbers to compile statistics, monitor trends and track site usage. We also use the information to make sure our technology is compatible with yours. We're then better able to offer products and services that match your needs.
Individualised information is not currently collected on the site.

What if I need to correct or remove information about me?

You can contact us through the contact details displayed on the site. Please do not e-mail individualised information unless you do so through a secure channel. We have a policy that prohibits us from communicating individualized information through non-secure e-mail.

About e-mail

Please remember that e-mail messages can be viewed by other Internet users while in transit. If you have individualised information to communicate, please contact us through the telephone numbers shown on the site or e-mail us a request for us to contact you.

What about the links on your site? Are they secure?

Because we don't own or control all the sites linked from this site, we can't guarantee they are secure; therefore, we can not assume responsibility for all their privacy practices. If you enrol with a company that is not affiliated with any Cigna company, we urge you to review the privacy policies of any of the Web sites you visit once you leave this site.

I've switched my coverage to another company. What will you do with my information?

We will continue to treat your information with the same confidentiality and respect we extend to all our valuable customers. In keeping with the Data Protection legislation we will not keep your data longer than necessary.

Why is this privacy statement important to me?

Your visit to and any dispute over privacy is subject to this statement and our legal disclaimer/conditions of use including limitations of damages, application of Belgian law and exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian courts. This statement is applicable only to information collected from you during your visit to this web site. You should check our privacy statement periodically. By choosing to continue usage of you agree to the terms of the privacy statement.